A Guide to Education Articles and Interviews

In my student years of learning to play the flute, I had remarkable mentors and teachers. Very soon after I left Juilliard to join the Montreal Symphony, I began to realize how much I could learn, not only from my great teachers, but from the writings of experienced musicians. Fortunately for us all, many great artists have taken the time to write about music and their own experiences of learning how to become better musicians and performers.

Below is a variety of articles and interviews that offer advice, information, and simple anecdotal stories of my own life in music.

Articles by Jeanne Baxtresser on becoming a great student and a valued colleague:

Becoming an Ideal Student
Flute Talk—May/June 1988

A Student’s Guide: Auditioning for Music School
Flutist Quarterly—Summer 2002

Interviews with Jeanne Baxtresser:

Interview with Jeanne Baxtresser
by Hannah Lang
Pan: The Journal of the British Flute Society—March 1997

The Jeanne Baxtresser Approach
by Victoria Jicha
Flute Talk—May/June 2002

Jeanne Baxtresser—Going Strong
by Don Bailey
The New York Flute Club Newsletter—January 1999

Meet Jeanne Baxtresser
by Jeanne Galway
Flutewise—September 1998

Drawn to the Music
by Kathleen Goll-Wilson
Flute Talk—April 1995

Performance Tips in Competition
comments to Kathleen Goll-Wilson, from
Jeanne Baxtresser
Flute Talk—July 1999

Meeting the Crossroads
by Polly Hansen
Flute Talk—February 1985

Articles by flutists on Jeanne Baxtresser’s Teaching:

Getting the Most Out of Lessons
by Deniece Schow
Flute Talk—March 1996

Jeanne Baxtresser’s Ten Commandments
by Michel Debost
Flute Talk—March 1996

Performance Suggestions from Jeanne Baxtresser
by Jessica Schmitz
Flute Talk—November 1996

Words of Wisdom on Becoming a Good Colleague
by Soo Kyung Park
The Juilliard Journal—November 1996

Orchestral Etiquette
by Martha Aarons
Flute Talk—April 1998

The New York Flute Section
by Kathleen Goll-Wilson
Flute Talk—November 1996

German Articles:

Wir Gratulieren zum 60 Geburtstag [pdf]
Flöte Aktuell—April 2007

Jeanne Baxtresser in Frankfurt [pdf]
by Sibylle Jacobsen
Flöte Aktuell—February 1996

Der Weg Zum Team Player [pdf]
by Jeanne Baxtresser
Flöte Aktuell—January 1996

Korean Article:

Philosophy of Flute Playing [pdf]
by Soo-Kyung Park
Flute & Flutist—February 2003