A Career of Collaboration a musical timeline

I am so grateful to the wonderful people I have met through my life in music. That would include my orchestral and teaching colleagues, my teachers, the people in the music business and in music administration that are such an essential part of our work, and last, but certainly not least, the students that I have worked with since I first began playing professionally.

The following timeline is a tribute to the many friends I have made throughout my years in music.

Every musical career is, by its very nature, episodic, with each new chapter bringing you a new set of challenges and expectations. With each chapter, you are also being brought into a new circle of musical friends and colleagues.

When I look back on all the exciting and sometimes even scary moments of challenge in my career, I am aware of one very certain thing. The most constant thread through all of my years in music has been the inspiration and education I have received from my teachers, colleagues, and students. It is a humbling thought to realize that so much of what one achieves in a good life in music comes from the enormous generosity, and help along the way, from other musicians.

It is a universal code among musicians to pass on all that we were given, and more, to those who will follow us in the future. In addition to the pure joy of making music, being a part of this ever-expanding circle is what makes each of us proud to say, “I am a musician!”

This brief timeline is my thank you to my mentors and colleagues who continue to form and inspire me.